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As a Priestess I spend a good portion of my existence engaged with the Divine. I view the Divine as something that is within us all and all around us. I do not believe in evil beings like Satan or the Devil. I believe in the beauty and power in our own human hearts and our interconnectedness with all things. I believe magick is real and that prayer really works! As you know, sometimes life throws us a few bumps in the road from the slightly annoying to the heartbreaking and tragic. I am here for you! If you are in need of some Priestessly assistance contact me below.

Make no mistake, there is no need for an intermediary between you and the Divine. However, when we are in the midst of dealing with something troublesome, there can be great comfort in requesting a little spiritual back up from someone not so deeply affected by the circumstances. It is in this way that I offer this service. With a clear head and a compassionate heart I will light a candle for you and pray on your behalf. This is a complimentary service and all information is held in the strictest confidence. You will not be contacted with marketing info for my other paid services by using this form.

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