“Thank you so much for your help! Your reading made my choice very clear. I am blessed to be your friend. Blessed Be Sister.” — Leslie Grania Miller

“Laurie came highly recommended - and as I realized after interacting with her - it was for good reason. She is extremely gifted, wise and compassionate. At a time in life, when I wasn’t quite sure which path to choose - feeling grateful for choices but overwhelmed by the potential outcomes of my decisions - she helped me understand the energies associated with each of those choices so I could choose the path I wanted to tread on. While I struggled to vocalize my concerns, fears and what it was that I was truly trying to seek her help on, she was extremely sharp and helped me with just what I needed - an insightful view of the situation.

This was months back - and today looking back, I can see that every bit of insight she mentioned to me almost half a year back now holds true, and has helped me make a decision that makes me much happier and grateful. Thank you Laurie!” — Deepinder Kaur

“5 stars are not enough. Laurie is a pro at what she does, and is highly skilled in interpreting subtle energetic currents and dynamics. But more than that, she’s also a very, very, compassionate person. She brings her compassion into her analysis of the reading, and knows how to treat people with dignity, respect and empathy. I find her to be a very sensitive, reflexive, and ethical reader. One who holds herself to a very high standard of professional and ethical conduct. I highly recommend her services <3” — Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam

“Hello,  I was privilege to have a reading done by Laurie several months ago. What struck me the most was the easy flow to it, as if I was listening to someone seeing me as a person rather than an online entity.

Past that human quality, theres a profound understanding the energies of the cards, and how they show up in relation to the question. There was a natural understanding of how I was affected, and the deeper spiritual challenges in my question.

Because I’m writing several months after I received it, I can attest to the accuracy of the predictive elements. The energies moved the way the reading suggested. More importantly for me, it helped me frame my responses through her suggestions.

There is merit in receiving spiritually guided advise, and Laurie has the gift of seeing into the soul of the matter.” — Ashoka Mohannan