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Hey There You Awesome Being You!

I'm so happy you stumbled into my little realm on the web.  As you may have surmised I am a Witch and I do readings and offer holistic healing services.  I want you to know that I am super easy to talk to and that while our time together is very special and sacred to me, I don't want you to feel intimidated at all.  I'm just another person on this planet with a witchy intuitive skill set I feel called to share.  I have been doing readings for as long as I can remember and seriously began to do them online when I went looking for a "real job" to supplement our household and found slim pickings in my area. When I found I could do what I love without sacrificing being home with my kids I felt truly blessed and still do!

When I do a reading for you just imagine we're at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee or tea and just having a conversation as I sling some cards.

With that in mind... let's have a conversation now:

I was raised as an only child in a loving household with two open minded parents.  I was supported in my quest for all things witchy and metaphysical.  You have probably heard the term "military brat" before, meaning a kid who moved frequently due to one or both parents serving in the military.  Well I suppose I was sort of a "hotel brat."  My parents frequently worked as Hotel Managers when I was growing up and we moved a bit because of that.  We usually lived on property which was great fun much of the time.

I used to spend some time with my maternal Grandmother in the Summers.  When we would visit my Grandma is when the cards would come out and the readings would start to fly.  Just cozy and fun and lots a good memories.  Heres a picture of my Grandma and I from the early eighties.

Some other random facts about me would be that I love the ocean...I like Coffee way more than I probably should...I dream of having super long hair again and I'm finally well on my way.  That is, once I got over my need to trim perfectly even ends all the time.  I even measure my hair to see how its growing as do many others in the long hair world.  At one time I measured my hair so much that my toddler son at the time, used to think tape measures were called "hair numbers."

I am happily married with two wonderful kids.  Also I am a Police Wife and I #backtheblue with all my heart.  My husband and I met long ago when he was a chef but then when we moved to Oklahoma, it turned out culinary degrees didn't pay as well as they do in other places so he happened upon a career in law enforcement to support our little family and that's what he's been doing for most of the time we've been here.