My Story

I first fell down the rabbit hole, when I was just a little girl.  I first fell in love with the world of witchcraft and paganism at a very young age.  It is no surprise that I developed an interest in the occult, metaphysics and mysticism as I came from two families that each had a foot in these areas. 

On my fathers side I was encouraged to learn about ancient cultures, religions and the paranormal.  This side of the family was immersed in using Ouija boards and many a tale is told of contact with Patience Worth among others. 

On my mothers side, I learned the art of of reading playing cards around my Grandma's kitchen table, with my Mother and Aunt too.  Back then no one called it cartomancy, it was just "readings" or "fortunetelling."  It would be years later when I would discover the proper name for it.

I have taken many courses and trainings over the years and I am something of a 'witch of all trades.'  Primarily I focus on doing readings via cartomancy and my natural abilities.  I am a Reiki 2 healer as well as a self taught aromatherapist and crystal healer.

I was ordained in the original Universal Life Church, Modesto California, back in May of 1997. Currently I am looking forward to performing my first handfasting in 2018.