Psychics can't read your mind or tell you what you had for dinner; nor can we come up with the winning lottery numbers. (Mores the pity!)

What we can do is help you unravel the threads of your life and reweave them into the tapestry worthy of your bright and shining brilliance.

I'm here to help you with life's little curiosities and provide honest, genuine guidance, from my heart to yours! My goal is to provide you with Insight, Clarity and Empowerment to help you on your journey through life!

I have over twenty-five years experience doing readings. I am a natural born intuitive empath and a third generation Cartomancer. Cartomancy is the art of using a plain old deck of Playing cards to divine with in the way that many use Tarot or Oracle cards. Being a Practicing Witch lends to my intuitive skills to deliver an insightful experience to aid you on your life’s journey.

There is no absolute outcome that is written in stone for anyone. I connect with each client on an individual basis and use my intuitive abilities combined with my empathy and divination skills to see where exactly you are headed on your path, based on the choices you have made up to this point.

You are the sole navigator in your life and you can adjust your course at any time.

Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what we are doing that we don’t see where we are going. I can help you see the bigger picture and help you connect where you want to be, with the choices you make now.

If you feel like you are going nowhere and need a fresh set of eyes to help you find an alternate route to your desired destination in life, get a reading today!