I feel there are four main roles I occupy at this time: Priestess, Witch, Intuitive and Healer.  As such I have categorized this FAQ based on those.

Q. What kind of a priestess are you?
A. Basically I am a pantheist priestess. Holistic Priestess works too.

Q. How did you become a priestess?
A. There is a two part answer to this. First in many pagan traditions there is a degree system. The one I was in for eleven years was no different. There were three levels to go through and I underwent the first two. I received my ordination on the Hill of Uisneach in Ireland in September 1999. I left that tradition many years later and found myself seeking another way to serve as a priestess. You see within a tradition one of the main ways you serve is through the tradition for the members of that tradition. I wanted to serve anyone who needed me. I looked over many groups and organizations and didn't resonate with any of them. Finally I realized I could be a Priestess by my own hand, and self ordained myself as a Priestess of the Sacred Divine. As a Pantheist Priestess I feel able to serve on a wider scale without being locked down by tradition or religion.

Q. What is the "Sacred Divine?"
A. The Sacred Divine is the name I use for Divinity. I believe Divinity is everywhere and in everything. It works for us by working THROUGH us.

Q. What kind of witch are you?
I am a practical holistic witch. My practice has evolved into a mish mash of different concepts I have adopted over the years. Within my practice there is a heavy helping of Energy Work, Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Working with Ancestors and Nature Spirits. Rituals and spells I do are ones I create and tend to be simple, affordable and oh so very powerful.

Q. What pantheons do you work with?
A. As I pantheist I tend to work with an all encompassing divine energy rather than individual gods and goddesses. In the past I mostly worked with those from the Irish Pantheon. I still feel that what human beings have called gods and goddesses throughout history were actually just extraordinary beings and probably very human. In that sense I work with them at times as Ancestors.

Q. Do you ever curse or hex people?
A. No I don't.  I would prefer to focus my energy on helping, healing and manifesting positivity and unity in the world.

Q. Do you worship Satan?
A. Not at all.  Not even one tiny, teensy little bit.  Most Witches believe the concept of Satan to be a ploy created by the church to frighten and control the masses.  We certainly do not worship any such being, whatever the name.

Q. Do you teach witchcraft classes?
Not yet! I have been surprised to find how many people want to know how I do what I do. Thank you! I am working on a series of eCourses that will be practical and affordable. Subscribe to my Newsletter to be among the first to know about them!

Q. So, when someone asks you a question, how do you get your information, do you just make stuff up?
A. *face palm* The short answer is NO. The long answer is, the way a psychic or intuitive gets information varies from person to person. The way *I* do it is I will see images in my head I will sometimes hear messages from my spirit guides. As you know if you've spent any time on my website, I use playing cards to divine the energy of a situation. When I read for someone I read into the energy they bring. This energy combined with the cards that fall, the images that come into my head, the messages I hear all contribute to how I get information, but NO I do not just make stuff up. If I don't know an answer I will tell you.

Q. Can you tell me when I will die?
A. I don't know, I have chosen not to want to know this information about anyone and let's be honest you don't REALLY want to know the answer to that do you?