Code of Ethics

My Code of Ethics as an Intuitive

  • I agree to deliver an honest and genuine intuitive reading to the best of my abilities.
  • Any information you divulge to me during a reading is strictly confidential unless it becomes apparent through our conversation that you intend harm upon yourself or another. Then I will relay any relevant information to the proper authorities.
  • Your reading is your sanctuary. I am here to help and as such will not pass judgement on you for any reason.
  • At times I can offer possible outcomes, but nothing is set in stone. You are a free spirit and capable of moving your life in any direction you choose. As an intuitive I can help you see where you are headed based on how you are navigating your life now. In this way, if the outcome is not one you wish to occur, I will work WITH you to help you ascertain a course that is more to your liking.


  • You must be 18 years old to receive a service or product from me.
  • Nothing I say can be considered as medical, psychiatric, financial or legal advice.
  • There are no refunds once service is purchased.
  • I make every effort to deliver an authentic, genuine and ethical service or product. I will not be held liable in any way for the manner in which you use the information or items I provide during our association regardless of the method of delivery (i.e. Live chat via Skype or other chat program OR other social media outlets such as but not limited to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter ; Email, PDF, Phone Reading, Text Reading or In Person.)
  • I will not provide information regarding Death.
  • You are solely responsible for how you use the information I provide during your reading.
  • Last but not least, Even though many people throughout the world have greatly benefit from intuitive guidance and similar services, I am required by the United States Federal Trade Commission to inform you that services like Psychic Readings are to be considered as "entertainment only."