About Me

I am a happily married #policewife and mother to two teens.  (#backtheblue!)

I am also happily enslaved to our furbabies, Siúcra the Chihuahua and Cosmo and Peanut the cats.

I love strong coffee and tea and coffeehouses!

I am vegetarian/vegan/doing the best I can and a gentle advocate (NOT activist) for all animals.

I am a dual national sharing citizenship with both the United States and the Republic of Ireland.

Loreena McKennitt is my absolute favorite musical artist.

I love super long hair and have a goal of having super long hair myself one day.

I grew up in California and miss the cold and misty ocean of the central and northern parts of the state every single second of the day.  

Since 2003 my little family and I have lived in beautiful, yet landlocked, Oklahoma. 

Rainy days make me happy and sunny, hot and humid days bring out my bad side.

But that is all old news, here is the NEW news as of December 2020:

I have in past (the vast majority of my life), been part of a rather eclectic spiritual path.  It was a huge part of my everyday existence.  In spite of that, I was always drawn to Catholicism.  I've always loved the divinity and loved Saints and the traditions and rituals of the church.  2020 has brought many people to a crossroads in their lives and this is mine. 

In the past, I utilized my websites and blogs and various social media to write about paganism and such.  I intend to keep blogging and sharing things pertaining to many of my interests and this may very well include my journey into Catholicism.