Morning Routine to Ease Depression

As someone who has fought a few battles with depression in my life, I have learned a few things that help a lot.  (Please remember to always consult a licensed therapist or medical doctor when necessary.) When we get dragged into the depths of depression we tend to let go of any desire or motivation to do anything.  Often we find ourselves in messy spaces and such because everything feels futile.  The first thing to realize is this: The things depression tells you are lies.  Things are not futile.  Things ARE worth doing and you are worth taking care of.  With this in mind I have a few recommendations, only three though... depression can't handle a lot all at once. This will help set your day off right and keep the ugliness of depression from enveloping you completely.

1. Take a shower when you wake up in the morning.  Often times with depression, we find ourselves with little energy to get the simplest of tasks done.  Even if you feel like staying in bed all day...Shower first!  If you still feel the need to rest more, then you can, but shower first.  Many times once you get done with showering you don't feel like you need to lay back down right away. It will also help you feel better about yourself and sometimes it is just the loving kick in the pants you need to motivate you onto other things.

2. Get dressed to shoes.  This simple piece of advice comes from The Flylady!  She has a whole bunch of brilliant ways for making your house look like it popped out of a magazine.  Believe it or not, this is one of the first things she teaches!  When we get depressed we can feel, again, like everything is futile.  "Why bother" pops into our heads way too much and just sinks us deeper into that dark place that wants to keep us from the world.  Getting dressed all the way to lace up shoes (or zip up or button up) has a way of telling your brain that things are worth getting done.  More importantly that you are worth taking care of and that your house and life are worth looking after.  I thought this was silly and unnecessary when I first read it, but guess really does help!

3. Go for a walk...mindfully.  Mindful walking can be described as moving meditation.  While there are many ways and guidelines for doing this, (search online if you like!) the way I am recommending is super simple.  The main thing you want to keep in mind with this is to let yourself observe and experience everything in the present moment.  As you walk notice how your body feels to be moving.  Notice how your feet feel as they step up and down.  Notice your breathing and all the smells around you.  Let your eyes observe your surroundings without judgement.  Just observe, everything...with all your senses, right now, in this moment.  This is not the time to look at your phone and its not the time to listen to music.  Most of us spend an awful lot of time staring and listening to devices.  On this walk, simply walk for the sake and joy of walking and being alive.

These are things that work for me and truly, things that have literally saved my life.  Depression is different for everyone as are ways of treating it.  If you have or are dealing with Depression, what little things have you tried that have worked for you?  Comment below and share your ideas.  You never know who you might be helping out there.