Kindness Is Not Weakness

You know how they say, "You can't please everyone?"  Well, I have been known to be a people pleaser.  Trying so hard to make sure that no one was unhappy.  Trying to make sure that no one was offended.  Trying to make sure no ones feelings were hurt...and on and on.  Usually I find it fairly easy to be kind to people.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that anyone would ever consider this a weakness.

Yet... there seems to be this assertion that being kind is for fluffy love and light types.  Supposedly,  kindness is a trait of the weak willed and gullible.  I put it to you, that the exact opposite is true.  It takes a tremendous amount of strength to maintain a positive outlook and to treat others, no matter what, respectfully and compassionately.

Now, I am not talking about allowing someone to walk all over you or to 'turn the other cheek' when faced with a hateful or even harmful person.  I am talking about realizing that when you come across a person who is not so friendly, that perhaps, they are going through something emotionally difficult.  With all your might, take the high road and assume the best in people.  Most people aren't on a mission to be difficult or hurtful.  Its been said before but I find it to be true: Hurtful people are themselves, people who are hurting.

Realize that no matter what anyone does or says to you, it usually has nothing to do with you.  Good or bad. Everyone is living in their own little 'bubble' where they view the world through lenses made up of their own experiences and to a great extent, attitude.   This is important, because it means that we all have the power to create much of our experience of living.

Why not be brave and create a kind world?  Why not be the reason that someone's journey through life was made a little easier?  Change things up a bit and instead of criticizing the negative, comment on the positive.  We need more warriors of kindness.  People who can endure the 'eye rolling' of the anxiety pedaling pessimists who seem to have overtaken everything.  We need people who express and encourage hope and unity rather than running around like chicken little yelling about a falling sky.

For goodness sake, don't be a troll on the internet and whatever you do, don't feed them. Ignore posts that are hateful and have no other purpose but to cause fear and paranoia and stir up trouble.  This isn't just for other people, its for you too!  It's not just about respecting others its about self respect.  It's not just about being kind to others it's about self love.

Pessimists would have us believe that it's every man for himself.  I reject that concept.  I refuse to accept the idea that showing appreciation and sharing good stories and being compassionate are somehow bad.  Besides all that, we aren't as terrible as 'they' say. (who the heck are 'they' anyway and why do we give them so much power?)