What is your Divine Connection Story?

I was not raised in any particular religion. I was blessed to have parents who allowed me to explore spirituality on my own terms. I do recall as a child, and maybe its because I was raised as an only child, I talked to the divine a lot, (and I still do actually). I suppose "praying" is the correct term but really it felt like more than that. I would talk about my day, about my worries, and other piddly things like about how badly I wanted those High Top L.A. Gears (here I am aging myself! haha)

At some point I started to wonder why "God" is a man. Surely, I surmised, if there is a god that is a man there is one that is a woman. So then I started praying to a Mother God and a Father God. Not too long after I learned about Goddesses and Gods of pantheons from all over the world. I then began praying to individual deities depending on what my prayers were about. This phase lasted many, many years until a few years ago, when I started looking at divinity as an all encompassing spirit that is beyond any kind of anthropomorphism.

In any case, I have felt Divinity move around and through me throughout all those phases of belief. I have learned that little intuitive nudges and hints are actually answers and guidance. I know that if I ask a question, I will be lead to an answer. It may come in a dream or a book may fall open to just the right place providing the information I need. The radio may get stuck on a particular station just when a conversation or set of song lyrics play and in a serendipitous way, answer my questions.

As mysterious as this universal essence of all may be, there are some things I have come to understand. Divinity is always available and connected to us. Even if and especially when we, ourselves, don't feel it. Divinity will never communicate in a threatening or dangerous way, nor insist that you act in one. Divinity will not ask you to harm another or yourself. Divinity will not ever ask for proof of your allegiance such as through fundamental dogma. Fundamentalism in any form, is a dreadful lie. At the heart of fundamentalism is the a human ache to achieve favor from the Divine. The ache we may feel for such a thing is not necessary. The Divine favors us all in equal measure.

If you read through my blog you will notice that my formal name for divinity is the "Sacred Divine." I once had a dear friend question my use of these words. As she put it, "Is there a form of the Divine that is NOT sacred?" The short answer to this is simply, "No." The greater description for me at least is that "Sacred Divine" is not merely a name for a force or a 'being' it is a description of that point when we recognize the simple truth that divinity is not 'out there somewhere' nor is it realizing that the divine is within us, it is in fact knowing that the divine IS us. There is literally no way we can be parted. Being in that moment is pure bliss, a cosmic ecstasy that is all consuming.

So then, this is how I experience the divine. How do you do it? What has your experience been? What is your Divine Connection story?

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