DIY Dryer Sheets with a Witchy Touch

1/2 cup White vinegar
20 drops Essential Oil of your Choice!
Cloth of some sort. This can be old dish rags cut into 5x5 squares or I personally like buying the reusable dish cloths/paper towels for this.

I lovingly refer to these as 'pickled cloths' because like cucumbers become pickles when soaked in vinegar, cloths become dryer sheets when soaked in vinegar...(OK I know....I'm easily

I use a little airtight container to store my dryer sheets in. It was inexpensive and looks pretty too. I will pour half a cup of white vinegar into this container and add 20 drops of my chosen essential oils. Then put the cloths into the liquid. I have about 20 5x5 cloths in this mixture and they soak it all up, which makes each individual cloth only slightly damp.

You can use any essential oil you like. Below are some recommendations for you:

Patchouli for Love and Protection
Ginger to Attract Wealth and Inspire Courage
Clary Sage to Promote Blissful Feelings and Calm.
Lemon for Health, Healing and Purification

As discussed in the last post, what makes these types of things witchy are your intent and the ingredients you use. So do this with a happy vibe in your heart. Enjoy!