Where power resides

Years ago, I attended a workshop in the pagan tradition I had been initiated into.  At this workshop we were creating ritual tools and then blessing and consecrating them with water from St. Brigid's WellI adore Brigid!  Goddess and Saint alike, she embodies so much of what I aim to emulate in life, as well as being a handy sort of patron for my little household since my husband is Catholic and I am...well you know.  

In creating these ritual items we were decorating them in various ways including painting them. The water to rinse our paint brushes in was next to the St Brigid's water. The facilitator made a point to mention that we should be careful not to mix up the paint brush water with the St. Brigid's water because it would mess up the St Brigid's water.

I immediately disagreed with this. Here we are using this ancient sacred water to bless, and yet a dirty paint brush can undo all of its power?  Wouldn't it also bless the paintbrush?  Sure the water might look murky from the paint mixing into it but that doesn't take away centuries of power and potency.  That is how I viewed it anyway. 

The point here is that be careful what you believe.  In my view, the power of the holy water was never in jeopardy, however a persons BELIEF can block them from experiencing it to the fullest. 

*photo by Mario Corrigan