Cartomancy Mystic Messages

Awhile back I started posting a card every now and then on Social Media and intuiting a general mystical message for that day.  Some thought that I was giving the one and only meaning of that card. Some were confused as the message I was writing about didn't sound like the meanings they had read about or even used themselves. That is not how divination works.  Each card, as in the Tarot and other Oracle Card systems DO have a base meaning, but its up to the reader to interpret how that particular card applies to the situation being inquired about.

Many readers online post wonderful daily messages based on their favorite divination systems so I started to do the same thing with my playing cards.  When I post these messages I pull a card and sit in meditation for a few moments to see what message the Sacred Divine wants to impart for that day.  This message could apply to a general energy for the whole day or it could be that it is meant for one specific soul out there (who will no doubt come across it serendipitously!)  That's one way Divinity works in my view, through each one of us!

This is something anyone can do! Grab your favorite cards, or other divination method and find your own personal message.  If that is not your thing, follow me on Social Media (look up in the right hand corner!)  and read my Cartomancy Mystic Messages.  Or you can even ★ get a reading ★ for a personalized experience.

Big, Bright, Shining Blessings to each one of you!