The Little Girl Who Saved Me!

As it is Friday the 13th, it felt like a perfect time to tell this real life true ghost story that really, really did happen to me!

I enjoy road trips immensely.  When I was in my early twenties I lived in Washington State near Seattle.  I used to drive down into Oregon state and up into British Columbia, Canada over towards Montana and anywhere else that was only (only?!?!) a few hours away. 

Sometimes, after coffee had warn off and I had listened to all my cds repeatedly and was growing weary, I would stop at one of the highway rest areas to get a little sleep.  This particular stop was off I5 in Washington.  The rest area itself was well lit even though it was about three in the morning.  I parked my little 96 Saturn SC2 and put my seat back so I could sleep for awhile. 

I estimate I was resting for about twenty minutes when I heard a little girls voice speak into my right ear (not from inside my head!), "Lock the doors, they're not very nice!"  She sounded like she was about six years old.  Her voice was pouty and sounded annoyed at whoever 'they' were. 

This disturbed me a bit, though I was not afraid...yet.  I immediately thought I must be hearing things.  Nevertheless and without much movement I reached with my left hand and locked the doors.  I looked around a little but did not see anyone.  Still tired I laid my head down again, though believe me I stayed fully conscious for awhile. 

After a few minutes I must have started to doze when I heard my door handle from the passenger side of the car being gently lifted up.  I froze.  A second time the person tried to open the car door.  I sat motionless, pretending I was asleep, hoping 'they' would just go away.  I opened my eyes slightly to see what seemed to be a man's torso VERY close to my passenger car door.  My car was small so I could not see his face as he was standing and I was sitting.

Apparently, since the door could not be opened he walked away.  I was too scared to move yet but after hearing a car leave the parking lot I carefully set up, started my car and left...QUICKLY! 

Whatever tiredness hung over me before was completely gone now.  I headed home thinking about what had happened and vowed never again to be so careless with my safety. 

I have spent a lot of time contemplating the little girls voice.  Was I hearing a disembodied spirit?  If so, who was she?  Was I hearing my own higher self, or Divinity or an Angel?  If so, why did the voice manifest as a little girl?  Maybe I had just succumb to a phenomenon known as auditory pareidolia.  IF that is the case why did the words I heard say what they said?  Especially since a few moments later the warning in them was quite significant.

Whatever the real explanation is does not matter.  I gave thanks a thousand times over for that warning.  Wherever that voice came from it probably saved me from what might have been a very bad night indeed! 


  1. If she wasn't a ghost, she was a spirit who cared, like a guardian. Never mind. The important thing is that you stayed safe because of her.

  2. Yes exactly! In the end I feel in my heart she was a someone, not a trick in my mind. She kept me safe and I am grateful.

  3. Fascinating story! I wonder how many people the little girl has saved over time. More so, how many could actually hear her warnings?

  4. Thank you! I always wondered that myself. I have all kinds of ideas about who or what she is. I can only speculate and be happy she talked to me that night. :)

  5. I could not resist commenting. Well written!