An Altar You Can Carry With You!

Many people who delve into spiritual matters adopt the practice of maintaining an altar.  They can be grand and large or just a special corner of a bedside table.  I recommend this practice to everyone.  However recently a client told me how they lived in a shared space and did not feel comfortable keeping an altar in plain site.  So What to do, what to do!

I came up with the idea of creating an altar in a journal!  It's almost like a vision board except the focus would be on connecting to the Divine in some way.  You can cut and paste images from magazines or print them off of the web and cut them out and paste them into your journal.   The book should not be huge, or at least not so large that it becomes cumbersome. 

You can draw or paint the images you want to focus on. The ones that make you feel absolutely connected to your version of Divinity.  Like crafting your own ritual tools this too can help you develop more of a direct link to your little scrapbook altar. 

You can also use this idea even if you have a physical altar at home.  Even take a picture of it and paste it into your journal.  Simple! 

Remember though that altars are just focal points for that which is already within us.  They can be a valuable spiritual tool to help our mortal minds wrap grand mystical concepts into mentally digestible sizes. 


  1. An altar in a journal is a great idea. I've been creating small altar kits or travel altars, but those you'd still need a flat surface for. A journal you can hold on your lap. For those who don't want to use a journal, you can do an altar image on your phone or laptop. That way you can take it with you too.

  2. Great idea Linda! I had not even thought about putting the image on my phone. Gods know why everything else is on that thing! lol I also thought about making a little piece of paper like a book mark and laminating it. A Pocket Altar!