A Drama Free Facebook Life

I have to tell you, I never wanted a Facebook account.  I never saw a need for one.  That is, until I started doing this online biz thing and then I supposedly HAD to have one.  Well so I needed a Facebook biz page which meant I needed the personal account first.  UGH!  I agonized over this a bit but then took the plunge.   Then a few days later....deactivated that account.  Then I reactivated it....and so on for a few weeks until it stuck. 

I don't have a problem with any other social media.  I love Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.  Somehow the drama that might be on those (I assume there must be?) seems to pass me by.  Facebook is a whole other kettle of fish.  It seems to be the place that complete strangers and family like to carry out big heated sometimes hurtful debates and or attacks. 

Well the worst of that happened in November of 2014.  I decided I had had enough.  I created a new profile gave admin rights to that profile for my biz page and deactivated my original personal account.  Originally when I did this, I had no intentions of using the personal account at all.  I only needed it to keep up my biz page.  However, I had some wonderful friends and family that friend requested my new account and I slowly and cautiously began to create a new Facebook world for myself.  This time I was very careful though. 

The old Facebook me would see ONE post in my friends feed that I liked and agreed with, so I would like the page too!  Only to realize later on that the other 98% of posts were way off the mark for things I wanted to see on a regular basis.

The old Facebook me would accept any and all friend requests.  Only to realize that their were reasons why I did not want these (most of them total strangers!) to be part of my online world. 

I used to hate Facebook with a passion.  It felt like a necessary evil that I dreaded most days.  That is not the case now.  Since I have declared to myself that my Facebook space is a no drama zone it's a pleasant experience!  I now like only pages that are positive and uplifting.  So my Facebook feed is full of stuff that I'm happy to see.  My friends list is full of friends now (imagine that?!)  instead of just anybody. 

This is something that can be applied to any other situation in life.  We don't have to let everyone into our circle.  It's OK to be selective and to make your existence a good one and a happy place to be.  


  1. EXCELLENT post! You are so right.

  2. Thank you! It's amazing how much control we actually do have over our own happiness.

  3. First, your new home looks super! Well done! :)
    Second, yep, I hear you on all of this. I use different groups to manage what I see (or don't see) and all my biz people are marked as acquaintances and not followed so I can check in as I wish. FB has now become a place of joy instead of a trap for arguments and comparisons.

  4. Thank you Lisa! Switching over to WordPress was not the agony I had anticipated and it was fun too!. Facebook is easy to get carried away with and lose your sanity with too! I have known others who have dropped or are thinking of dropping Facebook altogether. Leaving it is not necessary if you are just mindful of how you use it. :)