Playing Cards Don't Have To Be Plain!

The divination tool I am most passionate about are playing cards. I confess to feeling that way, because the foundation of my technique for reading them was passed down to me from my Mother's side of the family.
Saying that, somewhere in my teen years I rebelled a little. The allure of all the different Tarot decks got me all fired up and I put cartomancy on the back burner for awhile. You only need go into a new age shop or to the new age section of a bookstore to view all the many varied tarot and oracle card decks that are available. All little pieces of art that go straight to your soul at first glance. It's no wonder why I studied Tarot for awhile. The cards are amazing! Let me tell you! If you desire to study Cartomancy you need not go without all the bells and whistles of the Tarot decks out there. Observe the following three decks I purchased from Etsy!

This first deck I purchased from Etsy Seller Unique3DDigitalCom. It is based on the work of Artist, Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) The images are based on fairy tales. I particularly love the Diamond court cards:

The next deck I bought which is a one of a kind creation (so far anyway!) of Etsy seller ApricotIce : This deck is smaller than an average size deck and thicker too. The cards feel luxurious though, with their Gypsy style fabric backing! 

Last but not least are my favorite at the moment! These are by Etsy Seller JessicaSiemens. I love how they are both classical and unique at the same time! Just awesome!

The thing with finding decorative playing cards is that you usually have to look outside new age, bookstores, and occult shops for the most part. You have to do a little digging sometimes. Thankfully the internet makes a little search for almost any kind of deck you could possibly want, very fruitful indeed!


  1. I agree, they don't have to be plain. The one I have for my readings is pretty plain though, but that's because I haven't found a better one yet. It is a more sturdy deck than the usual playing deck though. I bought it at a bookstore many years abo, and it still doesn't have any damage, despite being well used. You can see my deck here, if you want to

  2. Those are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with me. I love using playing cards. They can be so affordable if you need them to be. The local dollar store has a nice JUMBO set of cards for a dollar! Other than the fact that they are large there is nothing particularly fantastic about them. HOWEVER I think they may be a good thing to use for videos!