Stop Saying That!

Words have power.  It's true!  They can lift us up or tear us apart.  The most powerful words in the world are the ones you speak to yourself or about yourself. 

Many times people come to the craft to turn their luck around or because they believe a curse has been put on them.  In the case of negative self talk, they would be right!  Except that the one who cast the 'curse' is them self. 

Every time you utter a word or make a statement that degrades the beautiful essence of who you really are you smother your own power with a very dark cloud.  Negative thinking can actually cause you to perform poorly in every area of your life.  If you think you are stupid and just never going to pass that test, you may get a lower score than you are capable.  If you think you are unlucky in love and only attract losers, you are and you will.  The mind is a wonderful thing, it creates your very experience of life.  Unfortunately if your mind is harboring negative thoughts about yourself and your life it can do a bit of damage to both.

The basis for your ability to change your life is all wrapped up in how you treat yourself.  The good news here is that you don't need to go to anyone else to turn this around.  If you are the one who tore yourself apart you are the one who can build yourself up. 

Below are a few simple and magickal ideas to help you remove your own curse:

  1. Stop saying that! Turn any negative remark you make about yourself around.  When you feel your about to say something self deprecating, STOP THAT THOUGHT in it's track.  Immediately replace a self loathing thought with an empowering thought. 

  2. Have a Good Morning!  As soon as you realize you are awake, say these words: "Something wonderful is happening."  Keep it in the present tense so that the magick is imminent.  If you say "Something wonderful IS GOING to happen", you keep it just out of reach.  Now don't worry about the how or the when just KNOW that it's true.  Know that you deserve it too!

  3. Take a Magickal Bath Safely burn candles and incense of your choice to help relax you.  Add sea salt (plain old table salt will work if necessary) to the water.  Listen to relaxing music and let yourself think happy thoughts.  Salt can draw out negativity and aid in purifying your energy.  

  4. Smile!  Yes even if you have to fake it for now, a simple gentle smile can improve your mindset, increase your happiness and draw good energy your way.

Just start with one thing if that is all you can handle for now.  If you have been bullying yourself for awhile taking steps to do the exact opposite can seem daunting, untrue and sometimes downright silly.  Be gentle with yourself, you are wonderful!  You are beautiful!  You deserve the best of everything! 

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