Witchiness Your Way

Back in the old days...(OK well only about a couple years ago!) I had a blog under the title of "Crafty and Wise."  When I decided to use my own name for all the things I do, I closed out my blogspot blog and started this one that you are on right now.  I recently found the archive of my old blog and went reading through some of the posts I had written back then. 

It reminded me that in the Witchcraft and Pagan Community we seem to get pretty attached and hung up on labels.  Particularly where the word "Witch" comes into it.  There are some people that are bound and determined to make sure it has a standardized meaning.  To my mind, this is impossible.  I really view the practice of witchcraft to be an extremely personal dynamic in ones life.  Many of us start out trying to follow instructions to the letter and getting frustrated and giving up only to pick up the practice again.  Those of us who stuck it out have long grown past rigidly following direction from a book. 

Are you a Wiccan, a Hedge Witch, White Witch, Gray Witch, Kitchen Witch, Heathen Witch a Celtic Witch or something else?  COOL!  Whatever label makes sense to you go with it. As labels go, no matter what labels they are the definition can vary by person.  Me, I'm just going with plain old Witch.

As time goes by, it seems to me that most of us witchy types have developed our own comfortable practices that make sense to us.  That is totally fine!  If it works for you, and you get results and your heart and soul light up when you do what it is you do, then I say keep at it!


  1. I'm a plain old witch too. We're constantly evolving. None of us fit into anyone else's box, and we shouldn't try to either. Going with what feels right is so much better, and easier on the mind and energy levels too.

  2. You are right! It is much easier on the energy levels and all. There is so much less stress this way. :)

  3. Yes, making your own path is easier on the mind and spirit