Breathe And Get On With It

I have had some really great successes lately with keeping my mood and energy balanced.  Yep, no freak out moments of roaring insecurity...No OUT OF THE BLUE teary eyed moments of despair....I've been pretty darn harmonious.

Just last night I was feeling good about where I'm at in my life.  Plans I have for the future are actively being worked toward and not just being idled away in day dreams and journal entries.  Then suddenly this morning....WHAM!  Smack in the heart center and solar plexus all my desperate, freaked out energy came roaring back leaving me flabbergasted as I tried to figure out how that managed to sneak back in.

So then I sit here, alone.   I sit here giving myself a few minutes to clear out this space in myself.  This is key, I am not trying to push down the feelings as if they are not valid (that only leads to future blow ups!)   I am not trying to just make them go away.  I am actively trying to figure out IF there is a real message here that is trying to get my attention. 

This all begins with making myself breathe.  Just quiet my inner toddler down and breathe.  I'm not trying to figure out where these feelings came from I'm acknowledging that they exist.  Breathing in Calm and Breathing out Chaos.  I do this for a few minutes and finally feel better. 

In years past I would have let this distract me from my endeavors.  I would have been dragging through a week of introspection and depression.  It's easy to do. Emotions can hold a lot of sway over our productivity.  Don't ignore those feelings, acknowledge them.  You don't have to know where they came from or berate yourself over how ridiculous they are, just let them be.  Let them have their pity party, while you breathe them back to a safe place. 

I'm not saying don't figure them out, but I am saying you don't have to let it destroy your day.  You can calm them down...for now...until you can sit down and work with them later.  I recommend putting on a funny movie and respectfully journaling about the feelings. Write and get everything out.  Sometimes that is all these types of things need.  Other times you realize there is something in your life you need to work through. 

Either way, you are not alone. We all have these emotional flip outs from time to time.  It's OK.  Just Breathe.

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