Who Are You?

I have been working on rewriting some information on my website and various social media profiles. I am excited at this undertaking but overwhelmed too. As I try to convey who I am in as succinct a way as possible, I have found myself chopping up my 'professional witch' side into four distinct categories: Priestess, Witch, Intuitive and Healer. I can just see the LinkedIn update now "Congratulate Laurie O'Driscoll on her new job!"

Anyway, as I have previously written, the term Priestess is one that I felt called to as a way to show my desire to be of service of the Divine for all of the Divine (that's all of you by the way!) One way I am doing this is in creating a sanctuary of sorts. This is still very much in the beginning stages, but will be called, "Covenant of the Sacred Divine." I aim for it to be a lovely inter-traditional and interfaith place filled with Magick and Mysticism. The Facebook group can be found here.

The word Witch has applied to me since the beginning of forever. I know it, I feel it. It will not go away and I don't want it to. While many have tried to box up the word to mean one specific way or another, it is my belief that like many things, witchcraft is an ever evolving practice that is no more the same today as it was yesterday. Nor is it something that falls stagnate to never move beyond what it is at this moment. As such, I have wound around my magickal path to find myself practicing a synergistic and holistic form of personal craft.

Intuitive is a word that is somewhat synonymous with psychic, but one I much prefer. In the beginning the biggest expression of this part of me was through my empathic sensitivities and my use of divination tools, namely, playing cards, the pendulum and oracle stones. Lately however I find that my intuitiveness or psychic skills (whatever you want to call them) are changing. So in an attempt to open up my soul to allow other talents to blossom, I have decided to just use an all encompassing term and that word is Intuitive.

Now the Healer is a role I have felt called to all my life. Yet throughout my life I have had the opportunities to expand other sides of my souls expression first. After all this time I find myself moving into this role very soon and I cant wait! There are so many healing modalities I am eager to adopt and offer to my clients! The first of these is to be Reiki! Following all that is a plethora of alternative therapies that I cannot wait to learn.

Even though I find myself separating these four aspects of myself, they nonetheless blend seamlessly one to the other. When I think of all the work that has gone into all of this, and the work yet to come, I feel overwhelmed. Yet I feel exhilarated and perfectly on track with what I need to do in this lifetime.

So, then this is me, this is who I am. Now tell me, what words describe you best to yourself and the world around you? Who are you?

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