Light a Candle For Yourself Too!

So anyway, I have this practice where I light a tea light candle for everyone I do a reading for. I have a crystal bowl that can hold seven little candles. When I set out to start my day of doing readings I will light the candle in the center saying a little prayer that the Sacred Divine and my Guides will light the way for those clients I can best serve to find me. Also that I will be open to the messages that will serve them best.

Well, I accidentally went to light one of the six candles surrounding the center one. I immediately started feeling goofy for doing it when I felt the guidance "This one is for you." I paused for a moment and realized, that I do take myself for granted. In lots of things really but this one for sure. I tend to think of my readings as a form of spiritual vocation and as service to others. Give to others and never receive...I swear I was a monk or a nun in a past life. (Could explain my adoration of Hildegard von Bingen right?) Anyway, I have a new practice. After my acknowledgement of the Sacred Divine and my helpers, I acknowledge myself. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve in this way in this life of mine. In truth, I feel that whole taking yourself for granted thing is way too wide spread in the community of helpers out there. Whoever you are, Psychic, Coach, Social Worker, Minister, Volunteers...etc!

If you find yourself in some kind of crazy position in life where you have this need to make a living helping others, don't forget to help yourself too! You guys are awesome and deserve the best! The Energy of the world lifts ever higher because you are here, doing what you do.


  1. That's so true. A lot of us forget about ourselves.

  2. Yes and it seems to be those who try to be of service to others in some way.