Jazz Makes Me Happy!

OK, so really, music in general, makes me happy but Jazz has it's own unique luxury to it. This blog post will serve no other purpose, but to extrapolate the essence of pure joy. A good part of my childhood was spent living in a TraveLodge in front of the Monterey County Fair Grounds. No we weren't poor. My Mother was the General Manager of the property and we lived in the managers apartment on site. It was pretty cool actually! Anyway, every year since 1958 an amazing caliber of artists would congregate in what would become my own backyard.

I often think of those times fondly but was reminded of them recently when I watched Billy Crystals 700 Sundays. He talks about Jazz a lot in that show and as I watched and listened I remembered back to my adolescent years. Jazz wasn't just a thing that occurred around me once a year, it was often heard in cafe's and was on the radio. It even had its own dedicated Jazz stations. It was the music I painted and wrote and dreamed to. I was a free spirited teen trying my best to sing Billie Holiday tunes in my room, imagining that 'Lady Day' herself was watching and approving of my audience-less performance.I had so many great times at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Being that my parents worked in the hospitality industry we usually had great passes. Though I didn't realize it at the time, I KNEW one of the founders of the festival, Jimmy Lyons! I remember as local Jazz enthusiast Clint Eastwood (remember him? lol) appeared on stage one year saying "Hello. My name is Clint Eastwood and I love Jazz." I also watched as an ailing Dizzy Gillespie appeared briefly on stage. Even though he was apparently too ill to perform, it was a magickal moment nonetheless.

You might be wondering what the point to this post is. My point is that we are each gifted with joyous moments that are joyful for no other reason than they just are. Whatever happens in your life, joy is somewhere. Even if you have to hearken back to a childhood memory to find it. Use joy every single day and it will manifest more and more. To me, Jazz has magic powers and I use it frequently!

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