Vegan Fit Witch: Embrace Your Inner Puppy

Yes you read that title correctly.  Let me explain myself.  You know when you have a dog that you take to the park regularly and the moment the park is in sight the happy canine starts wagging their tail and panting?  Well, lately I notice that when I drive to my walking trail as I approach the parking area something inside me starts to get excited, just like a puppy going on a walk.  I don't know, perhaps it's that endorphin thing fitness mags talk about. Whatever it is, the fact is clear: I just love walking!

I listen to my Pandora radio app on my phone and track my progress with my Runtastic pedometer app.  When I'm finished with my walk (I keep going until I have reached ten thousand steps) Runtastic posts my workout to my personal Facebook page.  I am not ashamed to admit in that moment I like my own status!  Be proud of yourself when you workout, no matter how little a thing you think it is.  It IS something.  Just keep doing it and you will get where you want to go!