Chill Out! It's Only Mercury Retrograde

Let's be honest.  No one who knows anything about astrology is jumping up and down with glee today.  Mercury is retrograde for the next three weeks and there is nothing we can do about it.  Or is there?  We may not be able to change it, but we can make the most of it.  We can take this dreaded period of time as a giant signal to slow down!

Now is not the time to go crashing into projects with full force.  It is a time to stop, re-think your actions and then take gentle steps toward your goal.  While it is inadvisable to commit to anything during this time, it IS an optimal time to reflect on situations and really think things through. 

Go with the flow, and practice patience with others. Communications are likely to be muddled and oft times completely misconstrued during a Mercury retrograde. Don't jump to conclusions for goodness sakes.  Take this time as a reminder that conversations require just as much LISTENING as they do talking. Last but not least, don't be too hard on yourself.  You are one of the wise ones who knows that the heavens have messages and lessons for us.  While Mercury retrograde can seem totally chaotic, you have the power to bend with it's energy and make the best of it.  So relax man, Chill!