Book Review: Paganism 101

Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism by 101 Pagans
Edited By Trevor Greenfield
Various Authors

Published by Moon BooksThis book was very much enjoyable and shows what I have always believed to be true of those involved in the pagan community. Namely that in spite of our many diverse practices within our respective paths we are more alike than not.  The book is sorted into the following three parts: Who We Are, What We Believe and What We Do.

Upon opening to the first part, Who We Are, one will notice that eight different branches of paganism are discussed.  Within these eight are:  Druid, Heathen, Witch, Wiccan, Shaman, Christo-Pagan, Goddess Follower and Eclectic Pagan. The fact that Witch and Wiccan are not lumped together in one section is something I know that will please many. While there are some who feel that these two practices are intertwined or even interchangeable, there are just as many who would call themselves Witch who feel no connection with Wicca whatsoever.

The second grouping entitled, What We Believe discusses the following subjects; Deities, Nature, Ethics, Afterlife, Ancestors, Past and Present.  Again we find here a great mosaic of beliefs within each topic. 

The third part, What We Do  is delightful to read and even contains light instruction into the areas of Ritual, Magic, Prayer and Meditation, Healing, Herbalism and what it's like to be a Celebrant.

This book is a gem for those new to paganism and those who have practiced for decades.  If you are new and wondering if you are 'doing it right' you need only read through this book to realize that paganism is diverse, even within specific branches.  Paganism is personal as are the many practices within it.  Finding our own way of being within this spiritual classification is part of the journey.
To those of us who have been pagan much of our lives, we can sometimes become so stuck and focused on how and why we do what we do (A.K.A. set in our ways) that we forget about the rest of the pagan world out there.  This book has a fantastic way of showing us each other and the intrinsic beauty with which we each view the world and how we live in it.

In closing I think this book should be a primer for anyone interested in Paganism.  Highly Recommended!

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