Vegan Fit Witch: You Have To Start Somewhere

There I am, walking my fanny off (at least the is the goal right?) when I look and see something frightening: my shadow. All of a sudden I fall sway under a minor case of anxiety.  My shadow is staring at me reminding me that I am not yet the 'fit' fatale of my dreams.  It strolls along with me glaring at me with the awful truth that I have never been thin a day in my life. 
So then of course the usual self sabotaging talk begins.  You may know the ones I mean. That talk is the one that starts with things like 'Why bother?'  and 'You look ridiculous!'  while you are trudging along doing the best you know how.  Well it's at that moment you just have to remember that every demi-god/dess you have ever admired in the media works at it.  They keep a consistent fitness and nutrition regimen. Maybe right now you are just walking. At least you are not just sitting on the couch like you used to.  Maybe right now you still eat a couple cookies when they happen to be in your reach.  At least you are not eating the entire package like you used to.  Consistency equals progress.  Keep going no matter what, just keep going! You can do it and I am cheering you on!