Vegan Fit Witch: Just Go For A Walk Already!

Here we are, New Years Day, and I like most of the civilized world has a goal of losing weight...again...just like I did last year...and the year before that...again. (Is there any echo in here? )

Anyway, you get the picture.  I usually spend an inordinate amount of time creating lists and plans and stocking my cupboards with insanely expensive food and supplements.  I do this thinking I will prepare and therefore I will succeed!  Well it does not work that way does it?  So I decided this year I am keeping it simple.  My fitness goal for this year is: Go for a walk any day the weather permits.  If it does not permit, then dance like a crazy person in my living room to music that is far too loud.

I started this walking thing a few months back and have actually stuck to it for the most part.  So I know that my nearby trail is a little over four miles if I walk it one end to the other twice.  I manage to get in over ten thousand steps doing that so that is my guideline: over 4 miles and over 10,000 steps. 

I decided to start keeping myself accountable here in my blog. So when I have something fitness related I will post it under Vegan Fit Witch. I also thought that it might help some of you out there to know that there is someone else -just like you- trying to get fit.  We can do it right?  Of course we can!