Psychic Readings and Energy Exchange

My first schooling in cartomancy was from my mothers side of the family. I can remember there being times when it would be my Grandmother, Mother, my Aunt and Me, just sitting around giving readings to each other. I remember these things so well and what I remember too, is that I never felt drained. I always felt invigorated.

Fast forward years later, and everyone and there sibling who finds out you know how to read cards and the like, want a reading. People think these things are just 'things we do'. Many people seem not to realize how much energy plays a role in these instances.

Everything requires an energy exchange otherwise an imbalance occurs. Usually when it comes to readings, its the psychic who gets to feel like they suddenly need a nap or they can get a bit irritable. Every reader has their own reaction.  (I'm the one that feels like I just need sleep all of a sudden)

It can be hard for psychics and healers to realize its OK to accept money or something in exchange for their time and intuition. We can tend to feel like we need to give these things away for free, because they are just naturally part of who we are. But its not good for us and its not good for the client.

When I was growing up and I would see the women in my moms family give readings, I would sometimes hear them say "You must first cross my palm with silver" meaning, you have to pay first, obviously. This was said playfully really, but was genuine nonetheless. 

All these years later I get it. Its not a bad thing, it helps with the connection between reader and client. In other words your readings are all the more accurate for you having contributed your own energy.

And it also helps keep your favorite intuitive at their best.

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