One Year Ago Today, A Priestess Was Born

One year ago today, the moon was full and round.  A particularly special time for most witches but Being January it was also the moon known as the "Wolf Moon."  Wolf is special to me and I took it upon myself to formally dedicate myself as a Priestess of the Sacred Divine on that day.  It was a lovely ritual that brought me wild dreams afterwards and butterfly's in my stomach as I awoke the next day.
That day, I tossed out fear and accepted my vocation as Priestess.  I am not bound by any tradition or religion, but bound by my own heartfelt devotion to that indescribable divinity and essence that is within all.  I opened myself to be led by instinct as I dedicated myself and took an oath to live my life in service and for the good of all.  I made vows to heal, and help and protect and defend.  To channel wisdom and insight to the hopeless and to inspire and uplift those who have lost their way.  The fire of that calling is still burning brightly within in my being, and I intend to journey along this road, wherever it may take me.  

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