Vegan Milestone- One Whole Year Meat Free!

It was just after last Thanksgiving when I gave up meat.  I don't know what happened to me that hooked my attention back to the concept of veganism.  I spent a few months before my first conscious effort to be meat free tossing the idea around in my head and then there it was...Thanksgiving. For some reason or another, preparing the traditional turkey last year affected me.  I somehow connected with this holiday meal mainstay and realized it for what it was: a bird carcass.  As I unwrapped it, took out the guts from inside the hole I was about to put stuffing in, and placed it in the cooking pan images of a little life flashed through my head.  I saw it's 'drumsticks' as what they were: legs.  I don't know why I became hyper aware that day but I did, and I have not eaten meat since. 

Since I adopted a vegan lifestyle I first became aware that my sense of smell became very acute!  I'm not kidding!  We have some plastic bowls in my house that I could not stand to use because I could smell the plastic-ness of them so much I could nearly taste it.  The next thing I noticed was I slowly started to wake up less cranky in the mornings.  I would like to add that this was not do with the fact that I was eating nothing but vegetables (as many believe meatless people do).  I believe this is to do with the fact that I was not eating meat at all.  You see it is entirely possible to go meatless and fall into the trap of eating more junk than you should.  Believe me finding out that Oreo's were vegan was a revelation....and not a good one for my thighs, let me tell you. 

You see I am what I have come to find out is an "old school" vegan.  I don't eat meat because I don't want to eat animals.  I also don't wear or use products that contain animal bits or that are tested on animals.  I'm not vegan so I can attempt to fit in a bikini next summer or to get my cholesterol down.  I am vegan because, for me, it feels like the right and kind thing to do.  


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