You Are Witchy Enough If You Let Yourself Be!

A few years ago I was really going through a sort of identity crisis, magickally speaking.  Was I "Witchy Enough?"  I think all of us go through this from time to time with all kinds of things in our lives.  We get inspired by a person we would like to emulate only to find out that they do things totally different to how we do them.  "Oh!" We lament...I must not be the real deal if I do it this way and they do it that way. 

Or even worse:  You settle on a practice that gets results for you, but you read about someone else belittling the same practice as useless or stupid and it makes you doubt yourself and your methods.  All you learn in that instance is that, that practice does not work for that person.  That's it!

How silly!  Let me be the one to let you know that whatever way you do magick, if it works for you, that is all that matters!  Do not feel you need to buy this and or that special ingredient to make things happen.  Really you just need yourself!  Other things can aid you in your endeavors, but only if you feel it! I mean really feel it from every tiny spark of your being.  If the item repulses you or just leaves you with a blah feeling, then don't use it. Definitely DO NOT feel like a failure because it did not turn out to be your cup of tea. 

Magick is personal. It is intimate.  It is not just in you it IS you.  It is at your beckon call anytime you need it. Put your faith in your own work!  Write your own spells, be inspired by what you are intuitively drawn to but don't feel tied to it.  The way you work magick is it's own language and you are the only one who speaks it.  Take Heart!  You are witchy enough IF you let yourself be! 


  1. Oh yes. This is so important to let other witches know. We all have our own path, and what's witchy enough for you is witchy enough :)