Autumn Musings and Seaside Memories

I love this time of year!  I love that change from summer into fall.  In Oklahoma there is always that one morning where you step outside and instead of feeling like you can't breathe because the air is so thick, you get hit with this wall of brisk cold air.  I love that!  Then later that day as the night descends upon the landscape and you are no longer bombarded with bugs trying to eat your brains for dinner. Instead you are enveloped by a soft coolness that will deepen over the season until its absolutely frozen at winter.  THIS is my time of the year.  Yes I have claimed it for myself, it's mine, all mine I tell you! 

As I sit here with my vegan latte (YUM!), looking out my window, I feel energized and ready to pounce on some intangible opportunity that I just know is there.  This time of year I feel like something good is about to happen and that feeling lasts like that for me up until springtime.  Springtime and summer have their own magick, but I don't connect with that as much as I do autumn and winter.

At this time of year I get nostalgic for little harbor towns like Morro Bay California, and Howth Co. Dublin and Bellingham Washington.  It is one of my absolute goals in life to live in a seaside town again!  The sooner the better thank you very much.  I am not talking tropical sunny places I am talking rocks and the cold sea.  I am talking  windy, rainy, foggy places!  That is what I miss so much. 

I often find it amusing that when I lived in Ireland most people assumed that I must miss the sun like crazy.  Apparently all of the united states is sunny all year round don't ya know. (polite eye rolling with much love and adoration) Totally not the case!  For the most part I grew up in areas that shared a lot of the same weather peculiarities that Ireland gloriously possesses. I think that is why I like autumn in Oklahoma so much.  Especially at night I get this feeling like if I just drive a mile or two from where I am I will be at a beach.

Anyway, this blog post serves as nothing more than my own personal rejoicing in this time of year that I love so much.  It serves to further demonstrate my point that I am a seaside loving person and I intend to make it my mission in life (among many) to live by the sea again.