The Plight of the Empath

When I think back to my teen years and early twenties, the one thing I miss is how I reacted to opposition.  I really was a live and let live person.  I actually truly possessed the ability of not taking offense to those who were trying to change my mind and convert me to their thinking.  I was truly, genuinely of the mindset that those people were on a different path than me, and who was I to judge what they were going through or what brought them to that particular belief. 

I have to admit... I am really struggling here lately.  I want so badly to help and to be of service and to be an activist and yet, somewhere in there I am lost.  Awhile back I posted a blog post about educating without judgement and really had the best of intentions of relegating my personal Facebook posts to happy fluffy-isms.  But, then there is the news and local things that happen very close to me that cause me to just want to blow up!  In certain people in this great big world I see such hate and injustice and blatant human rights violations and things done in the name of religion that just cut right through me. I see these things and they hurt!  I am so very torn, if I stop posting the 'information' about the things I see as detriment to the world am I not also allowing them to go on, and by extension, participating in them? 

I think this probably falls in line with the whole being an Empath thing.  I cannot help but take on the emotions and energy of a situation or person or people.  At times it fills me so full to the brim I can barely contain myself.  I realize that to some people the way *I* believe and think the world would be better run is in fact seen as harmful to them.  While I can objectively and rationally understand this, I also know that whatever that version of the world is, I DO NOT want it to wind up being the world I live in.  So what are we to do then? 

As a species we go on 'one upping' each other trying desperately to prove our case that we are the ones who are right and that 'they' are the ones who are wrong.  Every side has a million 'experts' and alleged 'scientific' research and 'historical' this and that's to prove their point, so where does that leave us?  How can we possibly live peacefully around each other with such die hard differences? 

This is the part I am trying to figure out.  I just don't know the answer. I sometimes think, I think, I know the answer but as good as I think my answer to societies problems are, someone somewhere will view my answer as an affront to all they hold dear and me as the enemy. I went a very long time keeping out of sight and out of mind, just trying to get through life without hurting all the time.  But, here is the other thing...I don't want to do that anymore.  This life of mine is to be enjoyed and ME. 

We are all human beings people!  We have to learn how to co-exist, and among them that includes me.  I promise to keep trying...will you do the same?