How Did I Forget About Shielding?

You know, I am a great one for grounding and centering and meditation and visualization and ritual and...well, lots of things.  You may have noticed I have posted a few times in the past here about letting all the energetic nasties out there in the world get through to me and totally mess up my existence.  That is just silly!   Anyway...

One of the things that I love about being 'open' to messages from the divine is that I know that when I put a question out into the ether, I will receive an answer.  That answer may come as a song that keeps playing over the radio, or it could be  a conversation I overhear in the store.  Or it could be a helpful reply to my last blog post from a fellow Empath, with a subsequent follow up coming from a email newsletter I recently subscribed to.  Both of these things reminded me of the art of shielding.

I am not new to shielding, but for some reason, and I cannot remember why, I started relying more on just grounding my energy.  Which is to say, once the nasties made their way into my energy field I then purged them from my being.  I had totally forgotten all about shielding to keep the nasties out in the first place! 

In one of my older Book of Shadows I have a simple ritual for shielding that I am starting to use again.  I share it here with you all in hopes that it may help you keep the nasties out as well:

I ever so poetically (that is me being sarcastic by the way! haha!) named this mini ritual "The Sphere of Making" 

After Grounding and Centering stand up and imagine energy coming up from the earth through your feet and from the stars through your head.  Imagine that this energy swirls and fills you full to the brim with protective light.  When you feel this energy to be at its peak extend your pointer finger out from your body and imagine that you are directing that energy into a protective ball or "sphere"  ( I love that word! ) I see this as a crescent line of energy that flows out my finger and extends from the top of my head and down to the bottom of my feet.  Turning clockwise push that energy out through your pointer finger so that when you have made one full revolution you have created that sphere of protection around you.  As you are turning say: "Within and without, wherever I may step, Inside a sphere of my own making safely I am kept." 

You can of course visualize this in your head without having to stand up and do any moving whatsoever.  I also added the "Within" portion of the spell to help protect myself from my inner mischief know those ones that are self deprecating and negative?  Hopefully this shielding thing will help me stop being such a mess when the awful energy  out there in the world gets a bit too close to me.  I hope it can inspire you to do the same! 

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