Veganism - Just Do Your Best

Among all the things I am trying to do for myself one of the most important to me is following a vegan lifestyle. This has been basically a simple change.  A lot simpler than I thought at first.  I feel much better and I am finding all kinds of other foods that I really love and new ways of cooking too!

Now as with everything out there in the universe there seems to be a million different ways to be vegan.  It was just after last thanksgiving I decided to become vegan and  I have succeeded very well for the most part.  However, there have been those moments where eggs and cheese wound up on my plate in some form or fashion.

The one thing which I know after all these years is that beating myself up for not being exactly precisely how I imagined I should be does no good whatsoever.  It is tempting to sit there and wallow in the fact that yes I ate something I am trying not to eat.  Instead I have decided to realize the enormous changes I have made  AND it has not even been a year since I went vegan!

In my house I eat probably ninety-eight percent vegan.  It is when I am away from the house that I sometimes struggle.  The one line I do not cross is I do not eat meat of any kind at all.  I don't worry so much if my bread happens to have milk and eggs in it, though I try to make sure it does not.  I do not eat eggs on their own anymore and I do not drink milk by itself either.  I have absolutely fallen in love with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.  I can make my espresso drinks with the stuff and it froths flawlessly!  I can put it on my cereal or in my oatmeal and it is simply fab-tastic! 

I have learned how to make my own veggie burgers using beans and lentils and you know what?  It is a lot of fun!  The other neat thing is I have found out that some things I never would have tried before are now some of my very favorite foods!  Such as Sunburst Tomatoes!  They are absolutely the perfect blend of sweet and savory! 

I have made vegan pot pies, vegan shepherd pies, vegan tacos, vegan chili and a whole bunch of other goodies. These dishes were not only fun but made with such simple and INEXPENSIVE ingredients that there is no reason not to eat this way if you really want to. 

I have to say, I DO NOT miss meat at all.  Things that I used to think were just too good to give up have some really awesome substitutes.  Instead of mayonnaise on my veggie burger, I use hummus.  Instead of ground beef (mince) on my tacos, I use mushrooms.  Instead of ground meat in Shepherds Pie, I use lentils! 

My whole reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle is that I am trying to live more peacefully in this world.  I may not be doing this a hundred percent yet, I am still learning, and that is OK.  I am however a hundred percent better than I used to be and THAT is what counts!  

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