Rescuing Fireflies And How I Am Learning To Love Summer

I admit it!  I tend to hate summer time!  I hate the bright sunny days and the shorter nights.  I am the winter loving, walking in the rain, trudging through the snow, coffee sipping by a fire place person!  It doesn't help that I have skin that lacks melanin.  So Summer time for me is usually laden with heavy sticky sunblock that usually wears off too quickly and I get burned anyway.  I usually turn a nice shade of...well...'cooked lobster red'.  Is that a color?  Has anyone ever seen that in their crayon box?  Me neither, but maybe they will make one some day?  Anyway, I digress. 

I also tend to attract every mosquito within a fifty mile radius during these warmer months, along with every other bug that likes to feast on human flesh for that matter.  I also love swimming but my own issues with body image (I am a bit on the plump side) makes me loathe the idea of myself in a swimsuit.  So yeah, I am not a summer person! 

However, I have decided to stop letting that get me down!

The other night I was outside with my kids and we were on a very important mission:

They are beautiful little things that gracefully flit about in the darkness and really bring a smile to a persons face!  I can just imagine how they could be mistaken for fairies or some other mystical beasty!  We were properly armed with the very latest in bug catching equipment that they had available at the local chemist and determined not to go home empty handed!

So for about an hour we went quietly stepping around outside with our bug catcher thingamajigs (technical term that!) and managed to capture three fireflies! 

We took them inside the house and turned off all the lights so we could see them glow and realized rather quickly that we had captured two fireflies that had been wrapped in spider webbing!  They were still glowing though, that is after all how we saw them in the first place!  Anyway my kids became a bit concerned that these lovely little creatures had narrowly escaped being a spiders dinner and were frantic to find out if I could set them free from there webby prisons!

I had no idea if I could set the little guys free or if I should even try to.  So of course I went to the internet and began to look to see if I could find out how to give these little flying light bulbs a second chance at life!  I could not find one mention of how to go about de-webbing (?) a bug, so I decided I would just grab a couple sets of tweezers and see if I could do it.

With my son holding a light on the little fireflies and my daughter looking over my shoulder I carefully, VERY carefully, managed to remove the webbing from both bugs.  As I did so, their little legs began to move.  I carefully placed them in the bug carrier thingie and watched them as they moved around and climbed up the sides and began to blink again!  It was amazing to see!

Now, being that I am a person that tends to over think things I started to wonder if the little guys were in more pain now then they had been, or about the poor spiders who I had deprived of their dinner. (had I interfered TOO much with the whole 'circle of life' thing?)  I have no idea, although I certainly hope that I helped more than I hurt! 

In either case to my two precious kids we had rescued two fireflies from certain death that night!  We set them out on the porch later on with the door of the bug carrier open so they could leave when they wanted to and found that the next morning the carrier was empty.  I think this will be a memory I will cherish forever and hopefully one my kids will too!

Yes, Summertime, you do have your moments.  Thank you for this one!

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