Education Not Judgement

One of my favorite shows on TV is "My Cat From Hell."  First because I absolutely love cats, (even though I really just love all animals a whole great big bunch!)  The other reason is because of all the companion animals out there cats really do get a bad rap.  I mean if dogs misbehave there is usually someone somewhere who has some idea of how the misbehavior might be corrected. 

With cats, if a cat does something that is not pleasing to the humans in its life it is all too often considered a lost cause and hopeless.  Cats can be seen to be a hit of miss kind of a pet.  Either you luck out and get one that is basically good or you wind up with one that needs some extra attention and most of the time, people seem to think there is nothing that can be done with that kind of cat. 

Aside from all of that I have learned a lot from Jackson Galaxy about how to educate people in a non threatening way.  In one of the shows or in one of the YouTube videos he says something about being all about "education not judgement'  This really helped me out big time. 

I have a very passionate nature.  Things I believe in, things I have a strong opinion about I REALLY have a strong opinion about There are some things in this world that people believe and go about doing that seem so unbelievably cruel, selfish, unjust and ignorant to me. I do have a live and let live attitude with lots of things but there are still things out there that I cannot see the 'other side of the coin' about.  There is a part of me that can look at these things and say 'yes this person is at a different place on their personal path and I need to respect that.'  There is this other passionate frenzied part of me that wants to shake some people until they understand things the way I do.  That is not the way to go about it at all and I DO know that. 

Yet there I was on my personal Facebook page sharing political memes that are a bit harsh and snarky.  I know I have some Facebook friends that are of an opposite political stance than me that are possibly annoyed by the memes I used to share.  So, I have stopped sharing things that are more about hurt and harassment than they are about enlightenment and teaching.  I even scraped off the snarky bumper stickers I had on my car and replaced them with different ones that aim to bring us together and help and heal. 

A big part of this side of my behavior I realized is based on the fact that I am in an area of the world that is predominantly filled with people who seem to think very differently from me.  I feel isolated and alone here in a lot of ways and there have been a few little incidents here that have caused me to want to strike out and defend my beliefs and ideals.  I know that is not right sometimes so instead I kept them inside and lashed out via goofy bumper stickers and Facebook memes.  What good did that do anyone?  While they do educate a bit, the ones I am speaking of are most certainly oozing with judgment the same kind that makes me want to lash out and scream my head off.  I don't like it being done to me so why would I do it back?  Those things have not endeared me to the other side so quite obviously I can draw the conclusion that my half jokingly-mean-spirited bumper stickers and Facebook memes are not going to share my point of view in an endearing way.

Being that I am actively on a path to be of some good use to this world I realized I needed to change my vibration, change that side of me that lashed out in negative ways.  I needed to be non judgmental and more about education.   

I already feel a bit lighter and more focused on what I feel I need to be focused on.  I want to help this world, not hurt and isolate.  Someday (hopefully a very long time from now) I hope to be that ethereal being hovering in a place between here and there, and see that my life brought about a better world and a more cohesive world spirit where all my relations realize their own connection to one another.  I hope that in that time and space, the beings of this world are living in a Utopia that I helped bring about. 

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