We Are All Related

To say that I have been slowly zapped of my energy over the last couple weeks is a drastic understatement.  I have a tendency to go full speed ahead, chugging along doing everything all at once as much as I can, and then ZAP: I run out of fuel. 

Then of course, we have all been effected by the news of both the Boston Marathon Bombings and the Waco Texas Fertilizer plant explosion.  I don't know if its the empath side of me, or what, but I just take on all the horror and all the emotion of situations like that until I just feel like a big wet soppy sponge soaked to the max with melancholy.  I feel like I am just sleepy, I just want to sleep to forget about it all for a bit. 

I imagine the feeling of loss of the families who lost loved ones in those events.  I imagine the shock of people seriously injured, those just beginning to transition into lives without limbs, those trying to feel 'normal' again inside their heads and with their injured bodies.  Even now as I write this I am shaking. 

Then my thoughts go to yet another wave of hatred that such events cause.  I feel at once the unjustifiable generalization of Islam as a terrorist religion as well as the wedge that has just been driven deeper between people of differing faiths.  More fear has been created in this world and that has the ability to beget bigotry from many points of view. 

People are people.  The majority of us are trying to live good decent lives in our own ways.  Even in the midst of the fact that the holy books of the major world religions are constantly misconstrued to allow massive harm in the name of "god" and/or morality by people who would seek to overpower others there are followers of the same faiths that ignore any scriptural passages that might imply such hatred.  These people are the everyday people trying to live good lives, raise families and be good citizens within their respective communities. 

I believe that we all come from the same stuff.  We are all made of stars and thus we are all related.  This pattern of violence and terror that we have throughout human history has got to stop.  I love and adore you all my human family.  May we all learn to agree to disagree and live in harmony with one another.

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