What is a Priestess?

As long as I can remember since starting this little spiritual journey of mine, I have been fascinated by the role of the Priestess.  Also, as long as I can remember, I have sought a path for which to pursue that role.  It is not a role of power over others, but a role of service to others.  In my experience on my own spiritual journey, earth centered spirituality has the appealing aspect of revealing the fact (and yes I believe it to be fact) that one does not need another person to act as an intermediary between ones self, and divinity, whatever your view of divinity may be.  I embraced that aspect wholeheartedly as a young witchling.

I also knew that aside from all the things a witch does on a day to day basis, I wanted to reach out and do something good for the world.  I wanted to help people through many different mystical arts, such as through my skills as a cartomancer and intuitive empath, I wanted to become adept at various healing art forms and also become a celebrant to help people with the milestones that they encounter in life.  I wanted to help people, the planet, animals...everything. 

"Everything" is overwhelming, so I am starting out with what I can do right now, which is my readings.  I can do those online and help people all over the world!  That is such an awesome feeling!  Already I am an ordained minister, so it is possible for me to legally officiate at weddings and the like.  I have knowledge of space cleansing and blessings and will be offering that here to my local area soon as well.  The other things I hope to one day do, well they will come in time.  For now I have already managed to do so much good and it is completely silly that I once thought I had to accomplish EVERYTHING before I could start doing ANYTHING. 

To me, a Priestess is a woman who is one or more of the following: teacher, healer, officiant, ritual leader, mediator, defender, counselor, coach, oracle, diviner, all around mystic extraordinaire who feels called by that divine spark within to be of service in her life. 

For over a decade I was in a tradition that eventually ordained me as Priestess.  This was a second level thing in that tradition.  While I loved that, it was also kind of limiting.  It was very much specific to the tradition I was in, and was more about teaching and passing on that particular trad than it was about helping the world as a whole.  That was fine.  After all there were other ways I could expand my dreams outside of that tradition.  I decided to leave that group after awhile for my own reasons which was pretty heart breaking to me at the time.  It took me several years to move on but once I did I realized it was all for the best.  

However after going through the process of leaving that Tradition, I erroneously thought that I had nothing to offer the world as JUST me.  After all, who was I if I wasn't Priestess-so-and-so-of-the-such-and-such tradition?  I had no support or community anymore. I was alone.  I thought I had to seek out and find another group or mentor or something, just SOMEONE to approve of me doing what I felt so drawn to do.  Someone to tell me "Yes you are ready."  How much time I wasted with that thought process.  If you learn nothing else from me learn this:

You are the only one you need to approve of your dreams and goals!

The thing about just taking what you know and starting with that is this, once you do, you set yourself on a path that is aligned with where you want to go.  I had ideas of what I wanted to do NEXT in my studies but I didn't know where to look until I started doing what I know how to do now.  Then I became acquainted with people and teachers that will help me get where I want to go. 

Open yourself up, just go with the flow!  You will get there if you stop blocking yourself!

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