Why I Love My Mop

The other day I was in the store with my two kids.  I was there to buy a few groceries as well as some cleaning supplies.  As per the usual both kids took a liking to everything they saw and wanted all of it as well.  After about forty-five minutes of saying "No" to all the things they asked for while trying to buy the things we actually needed we made our way to the register. 

While standing in line, my little daughter puts on her best pouty face, and –she was genuinely annoyed-let me tell you, she whined at me, saying: “No Fair Mommy!  You got to get a mop and we didn’t get to get anything!” She then crossed her arms over her chest went “HMMPH!” in true ‘diva’ fashion and faced away from me.  As I tried to hide my smile so as not to upset her more, a blissful thought entered my mind.

In that moment my little girl reminded me of a lesson that I have humbly been coming to over the last few years: Gratitude.  My daughter and I were looking at things from two very different perspectives.  Where I saw an article of drudgery, boredom and an item that reminded me of thankless housework, she saw mommy getting a new thing that was only for mommy.  To her I was getting something and she was getting nothing.  Well, true I was GETTING something.  However it sure isn’t a new car or a trip to the salon, or a holiday away like I might have wanted if I were getting something that wasn’t a necessity. 

I got to thinking.  I need that mop, because I have a house with a floor that needs cleaning.  That is a really fantastic thing! I have a house. Sure it’s a rental, but I have a place to call home, where my husband myself and my kids have shelter and cook our meals and do homework around the kitchen table.  We have a place to play games, watch TV, bathe ourselves, sleep and come home to when we’ve been out all day.  We have a place to relax when the day has been long or a place to recuperate when one of us has not been well.  We have a place to listen to music, a place to pray, a place to just be. We have a place all our own.

Yes, in my wildest dreams I envision living near the ocean again.  I miss the ocean so much and more than I can easily express in words alone.  I dream of a place where I can walk out my door and head down the street to a coffeehouse, sip espresso while writing what will one day go down in history as the greatest poem or story ever written.  But for now, here I am sitting at my computer, in my house while my kids sleep in their own rooms that they have decked out in their own unique styles.

I am so grateful for all of my blessings, even if one of them is a dirty floor that I get to clean with my brand spankin’ new mop!

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