Laurie came highly recommended - and as I realized after interacting with her - it was for good reason. She is extremely gifted, wise and compassionate. At a time in life, when I wasn't quite sure which path to choose - feeling grateful for choices but overwhelmed by the potential outcomes of my decisions - she helped me understand the energies associated with each of those choices so I could choose the path I wanted to tread on. While I struggled to vocalize my concerns, fears and what it was that I was truly trying to seek her help on, she was extremely sharp and helped me with just what I needed - an insightful view of the situation.

This was months back - and today looking back, I can see that every bit of insight she mentioned to me almost half a year back now holds true, and has helped me make a decision that makes me much happier and grateful. Thank you Laurie!

Deepinder Kaur,