Stop Overthinking Things

It is completely nuts how we, as humans, have the ability to overthink things. I am talking about myself of course in this. I started blogging for fun and somewhere along the way found out I could incorporate it into a business. When that happened I started to think that I needed to be more professional with my blog posts. They needed to be this, or they needed to be that. All of which combined to make me not want to write at all.

So, after far too long I am getting back into this whole blog world again. I'm just going to write and let whatever flows out be. I'm finding I can incorporate this into other areas of my life too. Stop overthinking and DO things. Bright, wild and fantastical things. Just get that energy moving. Trying to put inspiration in a box causes it to die. Inspiration needs movement, it needs freedom to form into what it will become.

What about you? What thing have you overthought in your life? How did you break out of that behavior?

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