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Totally Devoted!
By Laurie O'Driscoll

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Think a daily practice of meditation, devotion and gratitude is too much to add to your busy day?  Think again!  In this 20 page eBook I have set up 7 themed devotionals to help you get started with or help reinvigorate your current spiritual practice!  The Devotionals are quick and easy and made to help you create your own when you are done.

Themes included are:

  1. The Y-O-U Devotional : Remembering how fantastic you are!
  2. The Kindred Spirit Devotional : Remembering how fantastic your friends and family are!
  3. The Fur, Fins and Feather Devotional : Focusing on the non human friends in your world!
  4. The Sovereign Planet Devotional : Acknowledging the brilliance of our Mother Earth.
  5. The Bubbles Devotional : A laid back silly way to remind you not to be so serious all the time!
  6. The Joyous Prosperity Devotional : A devotional to help you shift your mindset about money to help you receive more of it! No that's not a bad thing!
  7. The Fearless Life Devotional : Finally ditch the fear and self doubt and embrace the life of your dreams!