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What is your Divine Connection Story?

I was not raised in any particular religion. I was blessed to have parents who allowed me to explore spirituality on my own terms. I do recall as a child, and maybe its because I was raised as an only child, I talked to the divine a lot, (and I still do actually). I suppose…
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Where power resides

Years ago, I attended a workshop in the pagan tradition I had been initiated into.  At this workshop we were creating ritual tools and then blessing and consecrating them with water from St. Brigid's Well.  I adore Brigid!  Goddess and Saint alike, she embodies so much of what I aim to emulate in life, as…
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Cartomancy Mystic Messages

Awhile back I started posting a card every now and then on Social Media and intuiting a general mystical message for that day.  Some thought that I was giving the one and only meaning of that card. Some were confused as the message I was writing about didn't sound like the meanings they had read…
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Gentle Wisdom

If there is one thing I can say epitomizes the lesson I have been learning over the past couple of years it can be summed up in two little words: Gentle Wisdom.  Gentle Wisdom is about sharing your own viewpoints in a respectful manner.  Boy oh boy can this be difficult at times.

We can feel so very passionate about what we believe is right that we forget to be kind in our sharing of this information.  This is especially true if you come up against another who's views are the polar opposite of your own.  How can we all live together peacefully when we think so differently?  The answer I have found is in simply living your life your way without harming or infringing on the rights of another.Some people try to hide who they are, because they find themselves in a place where the majority of the people around them think differently.  Don't hide.  This hurts you and makes you feel isolated.  This also hurts others as they never get to know the wonderful person you are. Hiding who you are emboldens fear and bigotry.Some people come out blasting their ideals to anyone within earshot, even putting down other people for not agreeing with them.  Quit it!  This pushes people into a 'fight or flight' mode.  In fighting mode many hearts and spirits are broken.  In flight mode, you are left alone and no real connection is made with anyone.

Just walk your walk and vibrate at your own sacred frequency.  Others just like you will resonate with that energy and you will find each other.  Walking gently through life will create a better world for us all.  

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