Are You Ready For 2015?

Well are you?  I have to say I am going into this new year with a lot more restrained enthusiasm than I have in previous years.  In times passed I would get really gung ho and full of images in my head of what I will have accomplished at the end of the new year. 

This year, not so much. 

It's totally NOT that I don't have dreams or aspirations.  I have loads of them.  My problem in other years has been that I fully expected to accomplish EVERYTHING.  I was very hard on myself.  I would often go the route of beating myself up if I had not perfectly achieved my goals even if I had accomplished a whole great big bunch.  I admit it, I was prone to giving up if I had not reached my ridiculously high standards for myself.  For example, If I set a weight loss goal of fifty pounds and only lost thirty, well that would be enough to throw me off track. I would feel like a complete failure and give up, usually gain back the weight I had lost and feel even worse.   

I am shifting my focus this year.
  Instead of focusing on losing weight I will focus on eating healthy and being active everyday.  Instead of setting a goal of getting my eBooks and courses finished by a certain date, I will focus on writing a bit everyday.  I have to do it that way.  I am the type that if I miss a self imposed deadline I will just give up for weeks or months.  However, progress is better than none right?  Yes it is!   This is what I would advise others to do.  I would advise others to be gentle with themselves.  I would advise others to celebrate each little victory, yet I have not extended the same courtesy to myself. 

I have come to realize that even if I no longer verbally beat myself up for not quite reaching a goal I am still silently beating myself up by wallowing in the mere feeling of failure.  This is nearly as bad as talking down to myself.  What to do, what to do?  This is what I intend to do this year:

Write my goals down.
I'm not going to overdo it.  I may even just start with a couple to begin with.

Write action steps for each goal.  Instead of making these out to be hardcore deadlines for myself I am going to view them as guidelines.

I vow NOT to beat myself up.

I vow to celebrate each little success, no matter how small. 

So let's shift our focus together shall we?  Let us celebrate any little victory we achieve on our journeys.  Focus on the positive! 

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