About Me

I am your average ordinary woman.  I am a Wife and Mother and slave to our household cat, Fred.  I love strong coffee and tea and coffeehouses! I write poetry and love to go for long drives and blare my radio! I love all animals and am also vegan.  I grew up in California and miss the ocean every single second of the day now that I live in beautiful, yet landlocked, Oklahoma.  When I say I miss the ocean I don't mean tropical beach party type ocean, I mean cold, foggy, misty harbor type ocean.  Rainy days make me happy and sunny hot and humid days bring out my bad side!  I also happen to be:

It is my mission in life to live in sacred witchy service to all my relations.  Please have a look around my site and do not hesitate to contact me.  I would love to meet you!


I believe divinity is something that is everywhere and in everything, and that our connection to each other should be one of harmony and peace.  I have a great respect for all faiths, but really wish we humans could leave fundamentalism out of things.  It really stirs things up, and never in a good way.  I myself have come to be a pantheist and an animist.  I call upon the “Sacred Divine” in my Magickal Work and Daily Devotionals.  I consider this mystical mysterious essence of all that is, to be something to work with and not as subjugate of.

Having been on this path my whole life I have performed several ceremonies for myself to mark various moments of special significance to me.  During the Wolf Moon of January 2013 I dedicated myself to the “Sacred Divine.”  Many Pagan’s dedicate themselves to different Gods or Goddesses but I felt a calling to dedicate myself as a Priestess to that Divine Essence I feel is everywhere and in everything. “Sacred Divine” is the name I started using in ritual and daily devotionals to identify Divinity. 

Also during that time I felt the divine spark to create a spiritual sanctuary and community that is both Inter Traditional and Inter Faith.  I was inspired to name that sanctuary, Covenant of the Sacred Divine. This is a Facebook group that will act as a sanctuary for all things Magickal and Mystical. 

As a Priestess I offer FREE – no strings attached – Prayer Services. Totally confidential!

I have been a spiritually and magickally minded person my whole life but never knew the word for it until I was six years old.  When I realized the word Witch applied to me it was a feeling of coming home.  I am somewhat solitary in my practice and while I do not consider myself Wiccan, I have utilized some information or recipes from Wiccan books and other similar sources. 

Indeed, gathering knowledge and magickal practices from several cultures can make a person into a rather well rounded Witch.   Truly to be a Witch, means you are a person who uses magick in your life.  It is so much a part of you that there is no separating one from the other.  Strictly speaking, you do not need to believe in any gods or deities of any sort to be a Witch.  You simply need to believe in yourself. 

To me, the practice of witchcraft is a very personal one.  No one does it exactly the same way and all of us are capable of living magickal lives.  I don’t go in for painting any particular version of the craft as more valid than another.  The one that speaks to your own heart is the one for you!

Psychics can’t read your mind or tell you what you had for dinner; nor can we come up with the winning lottery numbers. (Mores the pity!)

What we can do is help you unravel the threads of your life and reweave them into the tapestry worthy of your bright and shining brilliance.

I’m here to help you with life’s little curiosities and provide honest, genuine guidance, from my heart to yours! My goal is to provide you with Insight, Clarity and Empowerment to help you on your journey through life!

I have over twenty-five years experience doing readings. I am a natural born intuitive empath and a third generation Cartomancer. Cartomancy is the art of using a plain old deck of Playing cards to divine with in the way that many use Tarot or Oracle cards. Being a Practicing Witch lends to my intuitive skills to deliver an insightful experience to aid you on your life’s journey.

There is no absolute outcome that is written in stone for anyone. I connect with each client on an individual basis and use my intuitive abilities combined with my empathy and divination skills to see where exactly you are headed on your path, based on the choices you have made up to this point.

You are the sole navigator in your life and you can adjust your course at any time.

Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what we are doing that we don’t see where we are going. I can help you see the bigger picture and help you connect where you want to be, with the choices you make now.

If you feel like you are going nowhere and need a fresh set of eyes to help you find an alternate route to your desired destination in life, get a reading today!

I am a Reiki 2 Healer studying other powerful healing modalities.  Throughout 2015 I will be adding a plethora of holistic services to my skill set. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki promotes stress reduction and relaxation as well as enhancing the healing process in general.  Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in March 1922 and can be defined as Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. 

Reiki can be administered in person, or remotely.  During an in person session, the client lays down on a massage table while the healer places hands over specific areas of the body.  During this time the Reiki healer channels this energy through the crown of their head, through their hands and into the client.

During a distance Reiki healing session, the healer tunes into the client and sends Reiki to them.  Reiki is not bound by time or distance.   When you book a distance reiki healing with me you are able to select the time you would like to receive it.  While that is the time I will set aside just for you, you can go about your normal activities if you wish. 

Everyone experiences Reiki differently, but some describe the energy as feeling warm and tingly.  Some may feel nothing but will note the release of tension such as back or headaches.  Reiki is also wonderful for relieving depression and anxiety. 

Some things to keep in mind about Reiki Healing is that it is not meant as a substitute for medical care or diagnosis.  You should consult your Medical Doctor about any ailments you may be experiencing.  That being said, Reiki WILL NOT Harm.  It is ONLY capable of healing and has proven time and again to enhance mainstream medical techniques. 

There are 5 Reiki Ideals as taught by Dr. Usui:

1. Just for today – don’t get angry.
2. Just for today – don’t worry.
3. Just for today – be grateful.
4. Just for today – work hard.
5. Just for today – be kind to others.


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