2014 Headed This Way!

Wow! Can you believe it was little more than a year ago when the world was supposed to end? (again)  I am so glad it didn't and I hope you are too!  We just got through the craziness of the holiday season and have a whole new year of magick to get to!As for me, I think I have decided that this next year I am going to start blogging much more than I have been these past few months.  It's my own goofy fault that I have been on a slight hiatus.  I put some kind of limitation on myself with my blogging that I had to have a virtual novel on here before I could write up anything.  Well no more!  I am taking that limitation away and tossing it into the universe to grow into something pretty and shiny!  (OK that's me being silly!) 

So what do you all plan to do with yourselves in the upcoming year? For starters, I plan to finally learn Reiki.  I have many things I want to do this year and learning Reiki high on the list.  I normally write a book of resolutions for myself and can't get through one of them.   You can see on my About Page what other long term goals I have to flesh out my mad priestess-ing skills (see there I go being silly again.)  After that of course I want to help bring about world peace and lose weight if time permits.

So as I said before, What do YOU have planned for 2014? Comment below and let me know!  Many Blessings for a Fab-Tastic New Year!

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